Welcome to Molesey Metal Works Ltd

Bespoke Metalwork and Custom Metal Fabrications in Esher, Kingston and Surrey | Located in West Molesey

At Molesey Metal Works Ltd, we have near-limitless capabilities for custom metal fabrications and receive a sizeable number of enquiries about our bespoke metalwork commissions. Meeting the needs of the domestic and commercial sectors, we work on custom projects with original specifications and deal closely with our clients, lending them our creative experience and professional guidance, so that we can engineer one-of-a-kind pieces.

Areas covered by our company include Esher, Kingston and Walton-on-Thames, and all surrounding locations in Surrey.

We don’t mind if you come to us as a homeowner with a great idea, or as a business owner with a unique design. Molesey Metal Works Ltd draws its inspiration from the client to produce thoughtfully designed plans with basic prompts and suggestions. Our company guides you through each element of the job, taking your commission from concept through to manufacture.

Previous bespoke metalwork commissions have included:

  • Architectural Metalwork
  • Ornamental Metalwork
  • Garden Furniture
  • Storage Solutions
  • Railings and Handrails
  • Wrought Iron Gates

All metal fabrication is undertaken at our premises in West Molesey, and we can also arrange to have any custom items fitted onsite.

Design Flexibility

Should you need to discuss custom metal fabrications or a specification, we offer the skillsets and vision required to realise your ideas to a professional standard. Complete design flexibility helps us to produce bespoke metalwork within our workshop’s own capabilities instead of uninspiring reproductions.

Professional Finishing

No item of bespoke metalwork would be the same without the professional finish of time-served engineers. We can produce strong, high-sheen metallic finishes, plus we have a wider local network of precision engineers, metal polishers and powder coaters who help us attain a more decorative result.

Collaborative Approach

In addition to producing custom metal fabrications for homeowners and businesses, Molesey Metal Works Ltd can collaborate with creators, producers and designers to deliver one-off workmanship. We have plenty of experience in this field, having designed and produced furniture, signage and more.

Guidance and Expertise

We will always be happy to produce unique items fed by creative ideas and in-depth specifications, but it is our instinct for bespoke metalwork that allows us to take on an influential role where we design and produce what you are looking for with simplicity. We manufacture in exciting and appealing ways.

Clients from Esher, Kingston and Walton-on-Thames, and those across Surrey, can transform homes, gardens, business spaces, office spaces and public areas through custom metal fabrications built with skill and ingenuity. You can also choose Molesey Metal Works Ltd for the repair of bespoke metalwork even if you had the piece commissioned with another engineering company.

We go above and beyond standard solutions so that our clients always have a place to come where their concepts and ideas will always be listened to.

For custom metal fabrications in Esher, Kingston, Walton-on-Thames and all Surrey areas, call Molesey Metal Works Ltd on 020 8979 1772.