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Molesey Metal Works Ltd, a metal fabrication and welding company with the ability to create architectural, ornamental, structural and bespoke metalwork to any specification within our capabilities, can also offer a choice of MIG, TIG and stick welding services. We have a talented team and a workshop fitted with flame cutters and laser cutters, forming and tube bending equipment, fabrication tooling and gas, MIG and TIG welding machinery.

Metalwork is more than just a trade and welding is more than just a service. The work that we do is also seated in science, art and history.

We offer welding services to customers in the following areas:

Esher | Kingston | Walton-on-Thames

Molesey Metal Works Ltd also covers all surrounding locations in Surrey.

MIG Welding

MIG (or metal inert gas) welding, like TIG welding, uses electricity to melt and join metal components. The ease of use associated with MIG welding, and the speed at which we can join metals, makes it a popular choice when we have larger consignments ordered with shorter timeframes and turnarounds.

This welding system creates a short circuit (arc) between an electrode wire and the parent metal. The electrode wire melts to form the weld.

TIG Welding

A form of welding that uses an electrical feed to create an arc between the positive anode (a tungsten electrode) and a negative cathode (an item of metal in need of welding). This is a versatile choice suitable for mild and stainless steel, aluminium, copper alloys, magnesium, titanium and even gold.

Our welding company uses TIG welding to join dissimilar metals with no mess.

Stick Welding

Also referred to as arc welding, this is a basic process often used in steel and pipeline construction. This is a versatile choice that allows for all weld seam types and positions. Perfect for onsite fabrication when working outside, the contact between the electrode (stick) and metal causes the arc to ignite.

The arc burns to create fusion heat. This type of welding uses a combination of low wattage but with a high amperage, an important parameter.

The team at our metal fabrication and welding company has experience in all areas of welding, from light-gauge panel work to chassis repairs. We dress all external welds unless the client asks us not to, and our personnel can also grind back to create a smoother finish with no catch points, which is perfect for projects where the specification is for a more sensitive trade or industry, or where a product will go on to be used in specialist fields like food processing.

Clients in Esher, Kingston, Walton-on-Thames and the Surrey area can rely on us to work to any requirements, and to match any existing metalwork.

The success of our metal fabrication and welding company has been built on the delivery of high-end services where we make you an integral part of the project. Call to discuss your welding needs and we will guarantee high levels of precision so that your metalwork is strong, sturdy and made to last.

For services in Esher, Kingston, Walton-on-Thames and all Surrey areas, call our metal fabrication and welding company on 020 8979 1772.